Splashes of Colours

Ride in Fun @ Bangkok

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3 days and 3 nights are not enough for a true blue Bangkok trip. In fact, I think I need to be there for at least 1 week to enjoy BKK culture. But not to worry, I have convinced my husband to go on the same short trip with me some time in the near future. 🙂

Day 1

We explored the usual shopping places like MBK, Platinum etc. I brought a long recyclable bag (more than a metre in length) for my shopping conquest and it occurred to me that the bag was the best used item in my luggage.

In the evening, we went to Hyde and Seek, a bar which is located in the vicinity of our hotel. Oh, I forgot to mention the Pizza Hut dinner before the alcohol was finger-licking good too.

Day 2

It was a Saturday, so we did the usual thing a tourist would do – visit Chatuchak Weekend Market. The metro en route was super crowded, and of course we all knew where all of us were heading to.

The last station on the metro line – Mo Chit is where this famous market is located. With some little flooding caused by the morning downpour, both locals and foreigners were careful not to land into the mud puddle.

I have longed heard about the animal market in this place. And we witnessed some cuteness overload at the edge of this area. The little puppies and kittens would steal your heart away, but you would have seen that they are actually kept in captivity in a very cruel way.

To my surprise, I did not get to buy too many things. Maybe it was due to the rain which damped the mood, or the fatigue my travelling partner was experiencing, we only spend 2 to 3 hours there. It was a pity. While I was on the metro, the span of this humongous market awed me. If we were to spend more time exploring, I might have gotten some interesting shopping conquest.

In the late night, we visited Khao San road. I don’t remember what does the road name implies, but to me, Khao San is and always will be the ‘Open Air Disco’. Did I share that we downed a BUCKET of alcohol? 😛

Day 3

Our last few hours of shopping before the dash to airport.

The next time I travelled to BKK would not be year end, as the risk of flooding was too high. We planned to go to Ayutthaya, but the province was declared a disaster zone a few days before our arrival. I so wanted to go there, the lure of ancient architecture. I also promised myself to take the night photos of the temples, when they were all lit up in spectacular colours.


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