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The 10th generation ‘X’

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My favourite brand has just released a new product.

It costs a year of my bank savings, though.

No desire at all to upgrade camera, because I’m totally smitten with my current DSLR.


On a recent overseas trip, I got to talk to a colleague who possesses a DSLR too. His is more expensive than mine, so I thought he must be a as serious, if not more, a photographer like me. He lugged the camera bag with his big camera dangling heavily at his neck, other colleagues actually were wowed by this sight.

I managed to have a chit chat with him while rotting at airport. I was quite shocked that his previous camera was just his iPhone. IPhone to DSLR – what a leap!

I tried not to judge that a serious photographer will do just that. It is always a gradual upgrade of cameras, till to the day one can afford a decent DSLR. If you ask around, you will reach the same conclusion.

But I just ignored the bitchy side of me and tried to take one photo with his camera. When I changed the dial frm Auto to manual mode and wanted to adjust to a higher ISO, he just changed the dial to Auto mode again.

Yes, he might be thinking I am a manual-idiot, that was why he did that. However, I think the possibility of him being the manual-idiot is higher, because at other times, his camera was at Auto mode too.

Don’t think he has too many good photos to share. I think my good oldie compact camera can do an equally great job.


People nowadays too rich, don’t know where to spend their money.


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