Splashes of Colours

Tenth Circle

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My second Jodi Picoult book. Now I know why she is so famous and everyone wants to read her book. The topic is often controversial, to a great extent, because some of her books are banned. Heard that Tenth Circle was a banned book too.


And like all the best stories, it had at its center an ordinary, everyday hero who simply didn’t know how he’d ever become one.

Is taking away from your ability to do whatever you want , whenever you want, the very worst punishment you can imagine?

Dreams were like soap bubbles. You could look at them from a distance, and they were lovely. It’s when you stuck your face too close that your eyes wound up stinging.

Given anything negative or uncertain, there were rules that had to be followed.

The bones of her wrist were light and fine in his hand, delicate as china.

As if he were asking her for minutes that were no longer hers to give.

A human heart breaks harder when it’s dropped from a greater height.

Add love, and a person might do something crazy. Add love, and all the lines between right and wrong were bound to disappear.

She could feel the weight of her father’s worry. Who knew that the words you never got around to saying cuold settle so heavy?

She had been inked onto his life, as indelible as any tattoo.

Betrayal was a stone beneath the mattress of the bed you shared, something you felt digging into you no matter how you shifted position.

What was the point of being able to forgive, when deep down, you both had to admit you’d never forget?

It was a little like a scar on a polished wooden table – you’d try to see the rest of the gleaming surface, but your eyes and your fingers would be drawn to the pitted part, the one thing that kept it from being perfect.

In fact, that first frantic fall didn’t hurt nearly as much as getting back on your feet afterward.

What you notice is the loneliness.

At any crossroads in life, half of us are destined to take a wrong turn.

Silence was just a quieter way to lie.


One thought on “Tenth Circle

  1. The message here is powerful no matter how hopeless one feels, there is still something inside, beneath all the despair, which is good and kind.

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