Splashes of Colours

A Perfect Day

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A Perfect Day. The ideal, the best, the only, eludes the imagination of many artists, romantics, realists, strategists, bosses, employees … basically, everyone.
Question: how will a perfect day be different from any other day? Every day is a 24-hour period. All creatures possess these 24 hours. No more, no less.
Next question: does it mean maximum productivity will result in a perfect day? Not necessary, it depends on the objective of the individual. For me, being a couch potato for a whole day isn’t too bad, sounds brilliant to me actually.
I see you are nodding your head in agreement. *smile* But your boss would love to have a maximum productivity, right?
Oh, you already have thought out how to spend a perfect day. Where, when, with who, and how. But you just lack the $$$ to proceed.
A general idea of how to spend my $$$ in holiday is always on top of my mind, however that might not be the Perfect Day.
Some brides-to-be will reply saying that their wedding day will be the Perfect Day. Hmmm, seriously? They are only qualified to make this statement after they have gone through that entire day.
Me? My conclusion? There is no definition.
But it will be cool to know how others envision their perfect day to be.

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