Splashes of Colours

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Fashion Photography

Enrolled in one of Creative Live classes. Topic was Fashion Photography by Matthew Jordon Smith. Though this is only the 2nd class I viewed, I know Matthew is a very good teacher. In fact, he has broken down the various aspect of this high-profile career into manageable portion of knowledge for us.

I am not even near the league of professional photographers, however alot of what he had shared was immensely useful. Some of the key learning points:

1) Language of Opposite (to place two images, side by side)

2) Black and white is timeless

3) less is more

It is crucial for a photographer to find their unique point of view. Sadly, I am still in the process of achieving that. Matthew strongly recommended us to write our goals in black and white, and read it everyday. … I think that might be really useful. Will try to do that myself~



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30 years of breathing oxygen

My dearest has turned 30.

‘it feels good to have the 2nd digit of your age turned to the smallest number again’

… *wink*

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You are the Apple of my Eyes






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Life in a Day movie

Life in a Day is a special movie. It brings together the most compelling footage from YouTube to create a 90-minute film crafted by Macdonald, executive producer Ridley Scott, producer Liza Marshall, and their teams. The film offers a unique experience that shows—with beauty, humor, and joyful honesty—what it’s like to be alive on Earth today

The tempo of parts of the clip was perfectly synchronised. And some of the videos were amazing.

A man showing off his lamborghini;
A motherless child living with his dad in a cramp apartment;
A 5-year-old boy already starts earning his living as a cobbler;
A travel-around-world-on-bicycle Korean;
A mother recovering from cancer;
A Dad-to-be fainted while filming the birth of his own child;

The last clip – a brutally honest girl said nothing grand happened to her that very day, but she knew, still, something great has happened.

Everyone is part of the 24-hour a day, but in unison, we are so much more.

I think this movie is definitely worth your 90 min. Go view this, visit http://www.youtube.com/lifeinaday

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Away from Her

A short, though powerful, story. Alice Munro gives readers room for imagination, and will not bombard you with words which are unnecessary.

This is a story about an old couple, one of them has Alzheimer, and the other one has to go through some ups and downs that comes with his wife’s illness.

Alzheimer is an intriguing topic, and I think the inner me has a fear that it might happen to someone close to me. So I googled and came across this article: http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2007/07/23/build-your-cognitive-reserve-yaakov-stern/

Here are some key take-aways to share:

– Life­time expe­ri­ences, like edu­ca­tion, engag­ing occu­pa­tion, and leisure activ­i­ties, have been shown to have a major influ­ence on how we age, specif­i­cally on whether we will develop Alzheimer’s symp­toms or not.
– This is so because stim­u­lat­ing activ­i­ties, ide­ally com­bin­ing phys­i­cal exer­cise, learn­ing and social inter­ac­tion, help us build a Cog­ni­tive Reserve to pro­tect us.
– The ear­lier we start build­ing our Reserve, the bet­ter; but it is never too late to start. And, the more activ­i­ties, the bet­ter: the effect is cumulative.
Yup, so now at least I can do something to reduce my own risks.


Photowalks in Singapore

Ann Siang Hill & Botanical Garden

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that it is year-end and schedules are less hectic, I made a point to go around Singapore to take photos. This is what some of my peers will call it ‘Photowalk’.

I have joined any other group in doing this, but mass groups of photographers swamping places in photowalks are quite common in this country. They love to visit places very early in the morning, which is very clever. I am definitely not against it, but jus have not come across opportunities to start joining the groups.

But I go for such walks myself. Top aim is to brush up my skills by practicing and more practicing.

Ann Siang Hill and Botanical Garden were my conquest last weekend. Not very proud of my photos, I think they are too stiff and boring, no creative angle, no fun, no story. Frankly, I am quite disappointed. However, I took this as my lessons and would continue to strive for improvement. (though, a part of me is convinced that good eyes are genetics.)

I post my photos here: MyDSLRJourney. So if you don’t mind giving me some feedback, please do drop a note there.


Other photowalks to be embarked on:

Punggol waterfront
Tanah merah
Jurong lake, Chinese and Japanese gardens
Marina barrage
Kampong glam
Arab street
Orchard road
Joo chiat rd
Kallang basin
Bukit brown
Southern ridges
Lower seletar reservoir

And many more…..


I am hoping my trip to Auckland will turn out to be a fabulous feat for my photograph collection. *smile*

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Nutty November


The issue of employing Singaporeans is hotly debated on the mainstream newspapers these days. Understand that some employers feel the pain of the increased salary, low-cost might not be the only way forward.

On the other hand, in order to make it attractive for employers to engage Singaporeans, we must prove to the employers that we are worth our pay.

In fact, many of the Singaporeans are getting lower than the market rate for their qualifications and experience.

I recently patronized a Japanese cuisine restaurant in Mandarin Gallery – Tonkatsu by Ma Maison. To my very pleasant surprise, the waitresses were young Singaporeans, most probably those who want to earn some pocket money during the weekend. And I admire them. They work hard for themselves, and do not depend or rely on parents for money. They did not want to be spoon-fed, nor did they want to idle their mind.

This is an encouraging sight, and I believe many other young Singaporeans can do more such things. Another school of thought believes that part-time work will affect the student’s work in a negative way. I beg to defer, but shall not elaborate in this entry.

All in all, the visit to the restaurant turned out to be extraordinary, we love the food, we love the very prompt service. For once, I don’t feel like I am in a foreign land when i am spending Singapore dollars in Singapore land. And of course, My hubby and I decided to return again soon.


An employee thought of an idea to conduct a seminar of a topic which her boss is specialized in. Main aim is to profile the company in this particular area. The boss said yes, let’s talk.

When the boss met up with the employee, he said, “I have been thinking of this for a while.”

Seriously? The employee doesn’t think so, because nothing from the boss is constructive so far, but he just wanted to gain all the credit to himself.

Middle management, always a redundant thing.