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Life in a Day movie

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Life in a Day is a special movie. It brings together the most compelling footage from YouTube to create a 90-minute film crafted by Macdonald, executive producer Ridley Scott, producer Liza Marshall, and their teams. The film offers a unique experience that shows—with beauty, humor, and joyful honesty—what it’s like to be alive on Earth today

The tempo of parts of the clip was perfectly synchronised. And some of the videos were amazing.

A man showing off his lamborghini;
A motherless child living with his dad in a cramp apartment;
A 5-year-old boy already starts earning his living as a cobbler;
A travel-around-world-on-bicycle Korean;
A mother recovering from cancer;
A Dad-to-be fainted while filming the birth of his own child;

The last clip – a brutally honest girl said nothing grand happened to her that very day, but she knew, still, something great has happened.

Everyone is part of the 24-hour a day, but in unison, we are so much more.

I think this movie is definitely worth your 90 min. Go view this, visit http://www.youtube.com/lifeinaday


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