Splashes of Colours

Elephant Parade 2011 @ Singapore

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An interesting endeavour for animal conservation. I was impressed how the organiser combines art, conservation and social involvement into one meaningful cause.

Many of the exhibiting elephants were really cute and from what I can see, they have charmed many hearts.

Of all 162 elephants, I have photographed 117. Not too bad, I conquered slight more than 72%. *smile*

Here are some of the cuter ones:

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The miniatures of these art pieces are sold as souvenirs to those whose hearts cannot resist. And of course the cuter ones were snatched off, and left with those … not-so-endearing-ones on the shelves. And one of them is the ‘White Elephant’, which was kept in a dark room in Singapore Art Museum. Here is how the artist explains his masterpiece:

I dragged hubby along to most of the photo shoots. Was extremely touched when he sheltered me under his umbrella at Orchard and also wanted to buy me a miniature elephant as a Christmas gift (I have already discouraged him that I do not need to possess such cuteness and he should save that $$).

And when work has been stressful, I went to walk around the town area to let off some steam, and most of the times, the Singapore night scene took my breath away.


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