Splashes of Colours

In love with Auckland – Day 1


My dear was waiting for me at Auckland airport. My first time on the plane alone for more than 10 hours. So you can imagine how the welcoming cool wind and the bear hug washed away my fatigue.

We took the Airport Express Bus to Queen street, which is the main street in the Central Auckland. We were staying put in Mecure Hotel for a few nights, before moving on to another part of our journey.

The city has just implemented a shuttle bus system, which consists of 3 routes, to cover the whole central city. Fantastic news for all tourists. If you do not have a car or a driving license, this link bus is good news. The three routes are city link, inner link and outer link. I think the outer link covers as far as the zoo area. You do not need any fare cards to board the bus, you can give cash, and the bus captain is able to find you small change.

While in Auckland, we took advantage of these buses as much as possible. The wait could be as long as 15 min, but the bus was never crowded. I guess this is one refreshing situation when one comes from a super crowded dense city like Singapore.

We walked around Parnell, and with the help of the map, we managed to find the Ewelme Cottage. It is a historic place, which require ticket admission. However, it was closed when I visited. The signage showed that visits can only be by appointments only. That was quite disappointing, because according to the website, it is opened on weekday.

In the evening, we wandered around and ended up in a waterhole. And here, we admired the buildings around us… which looked so different from ours.


2 thoughts on “In love with Auckland – Day 1

  1. Our son and daughter in law recently moved to New Zealand….we are planning to go visit them in a year…thank you for sharing!

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