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In love with Auckland – Day 8


Bush and Beach full day tour to Coromandel. We added this tour at the eleventh minute, because the hot air balloon activity was cancelled due to bad weather. *Sigh* Just when I had managed to convinced my dear that it was not extremely scary, Mother Nature still denied us our chance. Well, I must take my words back. Hot air balloon is of course not very safe. The very next week when we returned home, an accident which caused all onboard to die happened near the area in North NZ.

Anyway, I digress.

Bush and Beach brought us to our first stop – Hot Water Beach with its hot spring in the middle of the beach.

Dear trying to feel some heart from underground

A short drive away was Cathedral Cove, where the Pacific Ocean washes through a natural arch onto a white sandy beach backed by white cliffs. There was a half hour downhill walk to the beach from here which also meant that the walk back was uphill. *smile*

These are the ancient Kauri trees. Our guide shared how these trees could grow taller if they are growing in small cluster, with the rest of the Kauri trees. And that it was very rare to see a single huge tree soaring upwards. After some thoughts, don’t you think this applies the same to human beings as well? We might grow better when we have our peers with us.

A 90-minute drive south-east of Auckland was Coromandel’s main town, Thames. Then the spectacular western coast road leads you to Coromandel township where renowned New Zealand potter, Barry Brickell has his studio. Ride his own designed and built mountain railway system on a memorable journey through the rugged landscape.


2 thoughts on “In love with Auckland – Day 8

  1. Thank you for sharing your day with everyone and we hope that you enjoyed it. Best wishes – Ben (Bush and Beach)

  2. I just stole one photo to put into my Facebook. Ha!

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