Splashes of Colours

In love with Auckland – Day 9

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Last day in New Zealand. Just when we  started to love the relaxing and fantastic weather, it poured heavily on our last day. But we tried not to let it dampen our spirit. It was our last day, and there was no way we would allow ourselves to miss Rangitoto and Devonport. So when the ticketing officer looked at us as if we had lost our mind, we bought the ferry tickets to Rangitoto and Devonport.

When we alighted from the ferry, a long queue was formed, all waiting to board the return ferry to Auckland city. Except a handful of silly people like us, who braved through the rain and got ourselves totally drenched.

However, dearest was very happy to be there. He was smiling all the way and agreed that Rangitoto was an enchanting place. As it was a volcano, it was black rocks and soil all over. Actually you can spend the entire day exploring Rangitoto, but because of the downpour, we decided to just track up to the summit and return before the 3.30 pm ferry went off.

love my hubby the most!

After that, a short walk around Devonport, and still the rain did not stop.

i just couldnt stop eating

With that, our Auckland journey came to a stop. We generally love Auckland, but will want to visit the Southern New Zealand the next time round.


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