Splashes of Colours


My new house @ Dew Spring

A sunny day at my new place. I guess the blue sky makes me love the place more.

kitchen and service yard

more sky to gaze upon

The floors look clean, but actually, it is very dusty… Need extra effort to clean the house as construction of nearby new flats are still ongoing.

And my mom advised me to place 2 pineapples to bless the place.

More updateswill come once renovation starts.


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an insatiable hunger


I can’t stop eating.

I need sugar to perk me up.

I know too much sugar causes wrinkle.

But it is really not an issue which I care about.

To those who have yet to experience hunger, no matter how I explain to you, it will be never crystal clear.

Hunger … can make you see stars …

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Christmas @ Orchard

Many feel that the best place to soak in the Christmas-y atmosphere will be Orchard Road. It is very difficult to disagree with this statement, when Christmas trees are located at every corner of the area, some even spend an obscenely amount of money to install a gigantic tree.

With such a reputation, how could I not go and take some snapshots of this festive season? My friend asked me along on an evening, and we spent almost 2 hrs or so to cover the majority of the area.

I was totally drained out after 2 hours. It was quite a shocking realisation that my old age might be the reason for such pre-mature fatigue. My feet were screaming in pain, and I was short of breath.

But all in all, no regrets for taking the photo trail here. Absolutely a wonderful experience.