Splashes of Colours

My new house @ Dew Spring


A sunny day at my new place. I guess the blue sky makes me love the place more.

kitchen and service yard

more sky to gaze upon

The floors look clean, but actually, it is very dusty… Need extra effort to clean the house as construction of nearby new flats are still ongoing.

And my mom advised me to place 2 pineapples to bless the place.

More updateswill come once renovation starts.


3 thoughts on “My new house @ Dew Spring

  1. The juxtaposition of the ph
    Pineapples and the legs are indeed cool.

  2. Nice pictures – especially the 4th and 5th down and the bottom one! And thanks for subscribing to my blog! FATman

  3. Please share your ID contractor contact. Thanks

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