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Gloomy April

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The constant rain fall and thunderstorms do bring grey into our lives. While places up north of Asia are enjoying springtime, seeing blossoms everywhere, Singapore, in comparison, is a quite depressing place.

Nothing interesting or exciting to wow about, except the feature story in the latest Nat Geo magazine, which provides details about a climbing team which conquered K2, a range which divides Pakistan and China.

Looking at some of those amazing photos, it makes me feel super incompetent and of course, insignificant. These able people carried heavy backpacks to climb the oxygen-depleted up slope. WOW! I am in astonishment. I have difficulty even carrying a slightly heavy bag at sea level. Kudos to them!

The lady in the team also shared that she has trained herself to walk on a rope tied between two apple trees as training for this expedition. Yes, I can see you raising your eyebrows. Isn’t what she doing a 气功? *smile*

Well, the highest altitude I ever have was at Badaling Great Wall China. I just returned a week ago, and will definitely share more in my upcoming posts (although I must admit editing the photos can be time-consuming).


I just realised I am considered as 寒体 in terms of TCM. And that translates to less watermelon and green tea, and of course cool or cold drinks for me. I need to make sure I consume less of such things if I want to get well. *sigh* I always love my green tea.


One thought on “Gloomy April

  1. 再接再厉!你可以做到的!

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