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Hangzhou – the beauty no longer

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I have planned Hangzhou to be part of our itinerary, as it is famed for its beauty. Well, due to several reasons, our journey from Shanghai to Hangzhou was terrible. It was their national holiday, and when I wanted to purchase the ticket one day in advance and sought help from our hotel counter, they claimed that I could easily obtain a ticket on the day itself.

Not helpful at all. No foresight too. Disappointed in SSAW Hotel Shanghai. The reviews online claiming that the hotel even assisted in purchasing the tickets for the tourists were b*llsh*t.

I was so apologetic to my mom, as we needed to wait for super long to obtain ticket for the next available train. And by the time, we got there, the queue for taxi took hours.

That was when you knew you were in China – the massive country with countless people.

The journey definitely dampened the mood. Both of us did not think Hangzhou was any beautiful. There was nothing really spectacular too.

Once again, disappointed.


















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