Splashes of Colours

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Some photos of G

Yes, we visited Cambodia in early 2012, but I only got to post the photos a year later. I admit it, I am a lazy pig which procrastinates to an unacceptable extent.

Here are some of  the fun photos I selected from Mr G’s shoot:

















Matrix of Life


There are (and will always be) many matrices of life. The abovementioned is something very simplified, but deeply rooted in my value and perspective since young. 😛


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Aqua Pix water proof camera review


This is how my Aqua Pix water proof camera looks like. I bought it solely for my Philippine trip, which included activities like snorkeling, whaleshark watching and island hopping.

It claimed to be water proof before ten feet under water, which I thought was good enough for snorkeling. However, to my disappointment, it was not so. Water did enter the so-called water proof casing. I was quite worried that out will damage my film, but decided to risk it, since I have no other photo taking tool at seas.

I used up a roll for whaleshark watching, and another roll for snorkeling at the marine sanctuary. The photos will be developed in 2 weeks’ time. I am both excited and scared the photos will turn out to be.

The camera body is purely made of plastic, and there is no need for battery. So you can imagine this is the most manual type of analog camera. Indeed my first time. So you can imagine how unsure I was when I was using it. Since there is no battery part, there is no fear of rusting or damaging the camera.

I believe I will continue to use it (because I still have 2 rolls of film with me), but not for under water adventures.

Please don’t believe some other review on this camera for its water proof casing. The review claimed that one can use the casing to keep other gadgets dry, which is totally untrue. Luckily I did not user it did my mobile phone. My new mobile phone will drown to death.

Once my photos are ready, will definitely share it on this blog.

In the meantime, happy clicking!

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Intoxicated by Hong Kong and Macau

A spur of the moment decision to visit Hong Kong, definitely. Luckily our dear friend was agreeable to hosting us, and that was greeted with our immense gratitude, as we saved more than $1k for hotel accomodation.

On top of giving us a room for all nights in Hong Kong, he acted as our personal tour guide, and showed us the best of Hong Kong.

Itinerary which we have conquered:

Day 1

All thanks to Cathay, our flight was delayed by 2 hours the previous night, and by the time we are bathed, it was already 4 am. We only managed to get off the bed at 10.30 am.

Our first itinerary is the Peak. This place is really a good representative of Hong Kong. With its most popular celebrities living in the area, and being the best spot for viewing the Symphony of Lights, you cannot claim to have visitied Hong Kong if you have not come to the Peak.

IMG_4178A (Copy)

IMG_4174A (Copy)

IMG_4176A (Copy)

After that, we visited Madam Tussauds wax museum. It may not education, it may not be intellectually stimulating, it may not be jaw-dropping, but we had some little fun taking photos with the wax bodies of the celebrities. Definitely the first time to the wax museum for all three of us, though we think there will not be a second time.

IMG_4293A (Copy)

IMG_4187A (Copy)

After witnessing a cat fight at the tram terminal (with high-pitched scream and police and request to view CCTV), we took a leisure tram ride down the hill. Just a few minutes of walk later, we found the famous Yung Kee roast goose.

IMG_4375A (Copy)

Our appetizer was half a century egg, which was utterly amazing, although I will not recommend to anyone who hates century egg. We totally love the goose! Another of my first time.

Then, we walked around the streets near the SOHO area and took a ride on the Mid-level escalators. Kind of a pleasure to roam the streets. 🙂

IMG_4378A (Copy)

Some desserts after that – Take a break, take a mango sago~

IMG_4412A (Copy)

When the sun went down, we took a tram from causeway bay to 上环 Sheung Wan. They called it the “ding ding” tram. We were so blessed that we hopped on an empty bus and got ourselves a good seat with superb night view.

IMG_4427A (Copy)

IMG_4421A (Copy)

Our last stop was the Ye Shang Hai restuarant at 太古广场 Pacific Place. The crispy rice was mind-blowing. It was a fantastic way to end Day 1.

Day 2

After a simple breakfast at the HK- Macau Ferry terminal, we boarded our ferry at noon.

Sofitel was our hotel. Not too bad, it was very convenient as it is near St. Paul and Senado Square. It is a preferred choice for those who are not keen on the gamblers’ extravagant on the other side of the island.

Of course we visited Senado Square and St Paul, as well as the Fortress. It was super crowded and it must be the Christmasy atmosphere of this place that attracts Hong Kongers and foreign tourists.

We also conquered a walk from the north to the south (St Augustine + St Lawrence + Barra Square + Ah Ma Temple). A pleasant walk, I regret not slowing my space to take more photos.

We had prime seats for the House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams. But before that, we visited Venetian and did some canal shopping while savouring on the famous Lord Stow’s egg tarts.

The House of Dancing Water was a feast to the eyes. It had some outstanding motorcycle performances which deserve some Michelin-equivalent stars.

We wanted to roam the Senado Square area to countdown to Christmas, and found a congregation in a church. We did not join, but after the stroke of midnight, I passed presents to the two wonderful men and coerced them to eat the 鱼旦 with curry and 贡茶 with me.

Day 3

Sofitel hotel itself has a place of interest – MJ Gallery.

IMG_4694A (Copy)

IMG_4686A (Copy)

IMG_4701A (Copy)

Must not missed out the pandas too. Hmm, I think I have never seen panda before. So that was really my first time. Of course now that Singapore has two pandas in our zoo, there is no need to travel overseas to say hello to these cuties.

IMG_4718A (Copy)

IMG_4757A (Copy)

IMG_4712A (Copy)

Day 4

We visited the Lamma island and had a feast at this eating place named Rainbow seafood.

IMG_4825A (Copy)

After which, we went to IFC to do some window shopping. Then took a ferry to Tsam Sha Jiu. Ate the famous Ding Tai Feng.

In the late evening, our dear friend brought us to watch the Symphony of lights. Although G was not impressed, I felt it was indeed an experience.

IMG_4874A (Copy)

IMG_4877A (Copy)

And since the night was still young to went up to the top floors of Ritz Carlton to have some drinks and dessert.

Day 5

On our very last day, we got a reservation at Lei Garden for our last dim sum brunch at Hong Kong. Then we took the high-speed train from IFC to airport. It was indeed very very convenient. Singapore should have this too. Getting taxis will soon be history. *smile*

IMG_4929A (Copy)

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Macau – 2D1N

We spent our Christmas eve night at Sofitel Macau, where it is located slightly away from the massive casinos. Aside from the usual tourist attractions like the Ruins of St. Paul’s, we also visited some of the casinos.

IMG_4492A (Copy)

IMG_4537A (Copy)

IMG_4497A (Copy)

IMG_4503A (Copy)

A place not to be missed is the Senado Square. We had some yummy Macanese cuisine there too.

IMG_4540A (Copy)

IMG_4768A (Copy)

IMG_4645A (Copy)

This was how Christmasy Macau looked like. 🙂

IMG_4664A (Copy)

The famous stall selling yong tau foo (take away) was actually hidding in a small corner along a street around Senado Square. It was real delicious. I could not get enough of it. 🙂

IMG_4541A (Copy)

We visited the churches as well, of course.

IMG_4479A (Copy)

IMG_4481A (Copy)

IMG_4549A (Copy)

If you were overseas during Christmas, you would definitely not stay in your own hotel room right? How wasted it would be to be trapped in the hotel room, when it was so happening outside. So we went to Senado square and around. We came across this church which was going to have a mass upon the struck of midnight.

IMG_4679A (Copy)

Very romantic, really. And once it was after midnight, I presented Christmas presents to both G and Shun Loong. 🙂

IMG_4681A (Copy)


IMG_4643A (Copy)

We also got ourselves tickets to the acrobatic show in the hotel.

IMG_4634A (Copy)

IMG_4606A (Copy)

The yummy egg tarts… hmmm … so good till I wish there could be stores in Singapore too.

IMG_4616A (Copy)

IMG_4596A (Copy)



There were signs around the town indicating various walking trails for tourist. And so, we embarked on one of those trails starting from Senado Square.

IMG_4564A (Copy)

IMG_4568A (Copy)

IMG_4455A (Copy)

IMG_4576A (Copy)

IMG_4450A (Copy)

IMG_4579A (Copy)

IMG_4570A (Copy)


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Finger-licking-good – Hong Kong

One thing which every tourist in Hong Kong will do is to have a feast. And when foodies like us visited Hong Kong in the chill winter breeze, all we wanted to do is to gobble down all the delicacies we could find.


IMG_4182A (Copy)

I am embarrassed. Why? Because we visited Hong Kong in Dec 2011, but I only got to post it more than one year later.

But we are still very grateful to our dear friend Shun Loong who was working in Hong Kong, but took time out to be a tourist with us.

IMG_4926A (Copy)

We paid the pilgrimage to the restaurant which invented Mango Sago Pomelo 杨枝甘露. However, it was as fantastic as I’ve expected it to be.

IMG_4445A (Copy)

This is the famous roast goose. Some may find it too oily, but it was one of the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_4375A (Copy)

And we spent a good afternoon at Lamma Island. Our seafood lunch was one of the best! I so hope I can pig out there again soon!



IMG_4848A (Copy)IMG_4849A (Copy)