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Finger-licking-good – Hong Kong

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One thing which every tourist in Hong Kong will do is to have a feast. And when foodies like us visited Hong Kong in the chill winter breeze, all we wanted to do is to gobble down all the delicacies we could find.


IMG_4182A (Copy)

I am embarrassed. Why? Because we visited Hong Kong in Dec 2011, but I only got to post it more than one year later.

But we are still very grateful to our dear friend Shun Loong who was working in Hong Kong, but took time out to be a tourist with us.

IMG_4926A (Copy)

We paid the pilgrimage to the restaurant which invented Mango Sago Pomelo 杨枝甘露. However, it was as fantastic as I’ve expected it to be.

IMG_4445A (Copy)

This is the famous roast goose. Some may find it too oily, but it was one of the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

IMG_4375A (Copy)

And we spent a good afternoon at Lamma Island. Our seafood lunch was one of the best! I so hope I can pig out there again soon!



IMG_4848A (Copy)IMG_4849A (Copy)


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