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Macau – 2D1N

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We spent our Christmas eve night at Sofitel Macau, where it is located slightly away from the massive casinos. Aside from the usual tourist attractions like the Ruins of St. Paul’s, we also visited some of the casinos.

IMG_4492A (Copy)

IMG_4537A (Copy)

IMG_4497A (Copy)

IMG_4503A (Copy)

A place not to be missed is the Senado Square. We had some yummy Macanese cuisine there too.

IMG_4540A (Copy)

IMG_4768A (Copy)

IMG_4645A (Copy)

This was how Christmasy Macau looked like. šŸ™‚

IMG_4664A (Copy)

The famous stall selling yong tau foo (take away) was actually hidding in a small corner along a street around Senado Square. It was real delicious. I could not get enough of it. šŸ™‚

IMG_4541A (Copy)

We visited the churches as well, of course.

IMG_4479A (Copy)

IMG_4481A (Copy)

IMG_4549A (Copy)

If you were overseas during Christmas, you would definitely not stay in your own hotel room right? How wasted it would be to be trapped in the hotel room, when it was so happening outside. So we went to Senado square and around. We came across this church which was going to have a mass upon the struck of midnight.

IMG_4679A (Copy)

Very romantic, really. And once it was after midnight, I presented Christmas presents to both G and Shun Loong. šŸ™‚

IMG_4681A (Copy)


IMG_4643A (Copy)

We also got ourselves tickets to the acrobatic show in the hotel.

IMG_4634A (Copy)

IMG_4606A (Copy)

The yummy egg tarts… hmmm … so good till I wish there could be stores in Singapore too.

IMG_4616A (Copy)

IMG_4596A (Copy)



There were signs around the town indicating various walking trails for tourist. And so, we embarked on one of those trails starting from Senado Square.

IMG_4564A (Copy)

IMG_4568A (Copy)

IMG_4455A (Copy)

IMG_4576A (Copy)

IMG_4450A (Copy)

IMG_4579A (Copy)

IMG_4570A (Copy)



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