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Aqua Pix water proof camera review

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This is how my Aqua Pix water proof camera looks like. I bought it solely for my Philippine trip, which included activities like snorkeling, whaleshark watching and island hopping.

It claimed to be water proof before ten feet under water, which I thought was good enough for snorkeling. However, to my disappointment, it was not so. Water did enter the so-called water proof casing. I was quite worried that out will damage my film, but decided to risk it, since I have no other photo taking tool at seas.

I used up a roll for whaleshark watching, and another roll for snorkeling at the marine sanctuary. The photos will be developed in 2 weeks’ time. I am both excited and scared the photos will turn out to be.

The camera body is purely made of plastic, and there is no need for battery. So you can imagine this is the most manual type of analog camera. Indeed my first time. So you can imagine how unsure I was when I was using it. Since there is no battery part, there is no fear of rusting or damaging the camera.

I believe I will continue to use it (because I still have 2 rolls of film with me), but not for under water adventures.

Please don’t believe some other review on this camera for its water proof casing. The review claimed that one can use the casing to keep other gadgets dry, which is totally untrue. Luckily I did not user it did my mobile phone. My new mobile phone will drown to death.

Once my photos are ready, will definitely share it on this blog.

In the meantime, happy clicking!


One thought on “Aqua Pix water proof camera review

  1. Lets hope the whale shark pictures turn out fine! 🙂

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