Splashes of Colours

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

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To survive, you have to know how to use your smarts. And the most adpatable person will know his/her strengths and weaknesses the best will have the last laugh. My HR lecturer listed Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory as one of the examinable topics for our module, and while studying the theory, I tried out a test to give my smarts a score.

As I have predicted, my scores for musical, bodily-kinesthetic and linguistic were the lowest. Although I love to listen to pop songs and have the desire to express in writing, I know I suck at them. It does not mean I will neglect these areas just because I am poor at them, the desire to improve myself is still strong.

I know my parents did their best in bringing me up, however now that I am more informed of other and better options, I know exactly what to provide for my offsprings (if I ever have one).

*working hard to be one step closer to high score for all intelligences… just like what Leonardo da Vinci was*


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