Splashes of Colours


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One of the best features of an android phone with big screen is to take self portraits with friends.

This April, there were some wonderful friends gatherings which spiced up the otherwise suffocating April days.

Although Ms S is a work friend, both of us hope to bring the friendship to another level. I will definitely miss her when she returns to her hometown. But I do have an invitation from her to go visit her family… there is no way I am not taking up her offer.


And this is Ms J, a good friend I know since my university days. We did some crazy things together, oh yes! Although it has been a long time since we last chatted, I feel that nothing much has changed (except that she has a doting boyfriend now). I remember…. one of the best experience – tagging along with the astronomy club to stay overnight at Sister’s island. Yeah!


There was another gathering of my university classmates at my house too…. and our next gathering will be at the National Museum of Singapore, where one of my classmates works now.

Delightful April!!


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