Splashes of Colours

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NatGeo – Celebration of Colour photo contest (photo 3)

please show some love here:



thank you thank you~


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NatGeo – Celebration of Colour photo contest (photo 2)

another one. please vote if you like the photo. thank you!



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Singapore’s cutest boy – Dr JiaJia

If you are feeling blue,

feeling down,

feeling nothing …

and want to bo hui (don’t care),

want to bo chup (don’t care),

then maybe this clip will make your day:

***Drum roll ***

Singapore’s cutest boy – Dr JiaJia

Please visit this link for one of the most h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s clips (I’ve ever watched): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72BMJ3NfHlE



I have watched almost all his videos, and can’t help but feel that the videos are produced by a family full love and fun. I hope my son will be at least half as cute as him.


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Sri Lanka

sri lanka

Like it or not, when the big boys speak, others will listen. So even though I am not a 100% docile animal, when Lonely Planet announce Sri Lanka as the Destination for 2013, I can’t help but put it in my travel list 2013.

Stories from travellers made me drool with envy. I can’t wait to snap away all the beautiful nature this jewel island can offer. *smile*

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The trouble with package tours… …


Life is short. Money is limited. All fellow travellers with unsatiable wanderlust will agree with these two statements.

Library shelves are full to the brim with all the travel books about exciting destinations, constantly reminding me that there are still another 100, 500 or even 1001 trips I have to conquer before my death comes.

So you can imagine how fuming mad I was when for two consecutive years, the same travel agency cancelled my trip to Turkey because there weren’t enough people to form the tour group.

This is the trouble with a less-than-popular destination with a small travel agency. Even the alternatives the small agency has are quite pathetic.

For my husband and I, we now feel safer to go for 2-to-go tour or we settle our own flights and get local land tour to help us with accommodation and tour.

Now, I have to wait till end of next week to confirm my trip in June. There are several options but I still hope ultimately I can conquer Turkey this year.