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When you are no longer alone …

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IMG_0523Yes, I guess I am no longer along.

The good news came when we were having our holiday at Sri Lanka. *smile*

The first thing I wanted to do then was to fix an appointment with my gynae so he could confirm this good news for me. And here is the first scan of the little one.



This is the heartbeat of my baby at about 8 weeks.


This is my baby, significantly bigger, at around 15 weeks.

And my amazing doctor revealed the gender of the baby to me at 15 weeks. Some doctors can’t even do it at 4 months. And oh yes, it’s a boy! šŸ™‚

Today, I am at my 20 weeks along. It is halfway through the whole term, however I hope things can come faster. I want this baby so much, and everyday, I am obsessing about the quantity of diapers to buy, what to buy, how to spring clean my house in time for the baby etc. Some nights I just could not sleep and just want to google all my burning questions and hope some enlightened mothers can show me some light.

This Tues, my antenatal class will start and I will be at my top form taking down notes like how I did it at secondary school.

Also, I am taking leave this Friday to visit the Baby Market at Expo. I simply can’t wait!!!



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