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Conquests @ Baby Fair 2013


Yes, I conquered the baby fair in early October at Singapore Expo. Alone and strong.

Almost all expecting mothers were accompanied either by husband or other family members. In fact I think I might be the few lone souls around. Anyway I am glad I am only about 5 months pregnant, because if I am any heavier, I won’t be able to make it alive out.

It was really crowded. Seas of people was alright, but it seemed a bit dangerous to pregnant ladies when the walking lanes were so not wide enough, and many adults pushed prams and even wheel chairs around. Don’t ask me why they did such inconsiderate thing, but if you asked them, they would most likely say the baby or the elderly parent/parent-in-law needed to be pushed around. I shall not say more, otherwise people will start posting hate comments on my blog. However there were also quite a few parents who carried their babies around. If it were me, I definitely won’t bring my baby to a crowded place.

Anyway, the expo was a good place for me to start to know what kind of products are needed for the baby. I did not manage to buy everything, of course, but still got majority of the necessary. Here is the list of my conquests:

blankets & hood towels = $30

mittens & socks = $10

california baby diaper rash cream & massage oil = $94

baby carrier = $165

Medela pump package + bottle warmer = $749

sterilizer = $59

rompers = $21

romper sets with (hanky) = $115.50

rompers & socks = $17

baby cot + latex mattress + crib set = $439

Maclaren stroller = $159

nursing bra + shorts = $96

TOTAL = $1954.50


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Chilling @ home


Some of the happiest moments are tiny but precious.

I really hope more of our Sundays can be like today. Weather is cooling (Singapore weather can be so humid and hot that it causes constant headaches), husband is right beside me and I am going to take a short nap before clearing some household chores at my own pace.

Moments like this are sweet.

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Antenatal class – child care



It was our last and most hands-on session at AMK Hub. This session was on…… child care (but actually more focused on newborn/infant care).

I can already imagine my shaking hands if I’m handling the baby. Not just to carry it around, but bathing it. 🙂

I’m sure the first time will have its scary moments, however both of us are confident that we are capable of giving an enjoyable bath for our baby. Haha.

Seriously, can’t wait for the baby arrive. We are already brimming with excitement!

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Rokeby bistro beside fat cat


It was bad luck that when the 2 of us decided to muster some energy to go to Lorong Chuan’s Fat Cat, Fat Cat was closed.

Anyway, we saw some activities down the row of shop houses, and came across this eatery – rokeby.

A nice little bistro tucked right at the end of the corridor.

I loved the fish n chips. Mr G loved the pasta too. However the chicken wings in special sauce was a bit too exotic for me. Din’t really like it.

We might explore there again next time. 🙂


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20 weeks along


Last Sat, Mr G participated in the hospital tour without me (because I was still with Doc) and immediately after the tour he asked me to change my booking of the single room to Premier single room.

‘What’s the difference?’

‘Premier feels like resort, and the sofa which I can sleep on is slightly larger.’

And with these two reasons, he is happy to pay additional $130++.

Anyway for me, as long as it is a single room, I’m more than happy. In single room, the baby can be pushed in to sleep with you and your companion can stay overnight with me. In fact, I cannot imagine if I’m left alone in the hospital without my hubby. That will definitely be the start of my post-natal depression.


Old news: baby is a boy.

Latest news: he is just about 320g at 20 weeks.

It’s unfair. I have gained 5 kg and he is only 320g. So, where did the rest of the weight go to? The baby is now only about 1/10 of the normal newborn weight (and Doc said this is normal growth), and with this math, I can already foresee the ballooned me lying on the hospital bed – ugly, rugged and undesirable.

No wonder new mummies are prone to depression.




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Cloth diapers – please say yes!!


Baby Taylor is … not born yet. BUT I have already bought diapers (cloth diapers) for him. Yes, I know what you are thinking – Kiasu mother. I sure am one, and pretty sure am going to be a ‘Tiger Mum’ too.

Frankly, this whole business of diapering is draining a lot of my brain cells. At least only disposable ones came to mind, and then I saw these cute designs which will certainly increase the cuteness factor of any baby. However, being a practical and realistic person, I know there will be times when I will pull my hair, scream and poke at my baby. So now, I decided to use cloth diapers partially (ideally, 70% of the time) and support the diapering cycle with disposable ones.

And I know my mother-in-law (MIL) is supportive of cloth diapers and she will be the one helping me with the baby when I go to work, so I think the cloth diapering system will last for my bab(ies). Yes, I know my MIL is cool. Not every MIL will do such hard chores.

So, ain’t these diapers adorable? *wink* The colourful snaps are such candy to the eyes. I got them quite cheap online. These are definitely not those branded names, but who cares. As long as it serves its basic purpose, I’m happy with the purchase. I cannot afford SGD30 for each cloth diaper.

However, I don’t think they will fit newborn. But never mind, will use disposable diaper + inserts/prefolds for Taylor’s first month.

Actually, though the confessions of other mummies who use disposables ring loud and clear, I do think I can be gungho and persevere in this cloth diapering system for my bab(ies). Firstly, the main reason is that it will be so much cheaper in the long run, especially if you intend to have more babies (I hope I can have 3 babies, cheers!!). Secondly, the amount of waste and rubbish generated from the disposable system is simply unimaginable and a huge part of me cannot bear to do this to the environment. This sounds exactly like a win-win situation to me. 🙂

So everyone, cheer me on k?