Splashes of Colours

20 weeks along

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Last Sat, Mr G participated in the hospital tour without me (because I was still with Doc) and immediately after the tour he asked me to change my booking of the single room to Premier single room.

‘What’s the difference?’

‘Premier feels like resort, and the sofa which I can sleep on is slightly larger.’

And with these two reasons, he is happy to pay additional $130++.

Anyway for me, as long as it is a single room, I’m more than happy. In single room, the baby can be pushed in to sleep with you and your companion can stay overnight with me. In fact, I cannot imagine if I’m left alone in the hospital without my hubby. That will definitely be the start of my post-natal depression.


Old news: baby is a boy.

Latest news: he is just about 320g at 20 weeks.

It’s unfair. I have gained 5 kg and he is only 320g. So, where did the rest of the weight go to? The baby is now only about 1/10 of the normal newborn weight (and Doc said this is normal growth), and with this math, I can already foresee the ballooned me lying on the hospital bed – ugly, rugged and undesirable.

No wonder new mummies are prone to depression.





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