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Conquests @ Baby Fair 2013

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Yes, I conquered the baby fair in early October at Singapore Expo. Alone and strong.

Almost all expecting mothers were accompanied either by husband or other family members. In fact I think I might be the few lone souls around. Anyway I am glad I am only about 5 months pregnant, because if I am any heavier, I won’t be able to make it alive out.

It was really crowded. Seas of people was alright, but it seemed a bit dangerous to pregnant ladies when the walking lanes were so not wide enough, and many adults pushed prams and even wheel chairs around. Don’t ask me why they did such inconsiderate thing, but if you asked them, they would most likely say the baby or the elderly parent/parent-in-law needed to be pushed around. I shall not say more, otherwise people will start posting hate comments on my blog. However there were also quite a few parents who carried their babies around. If it were me, I definitely won’t bring my baby to a crowded place.

Anyway, the expo was a good place for me to start to know what kind of products are needed for the baby. I did not manage to buy everything, of course, but still got majority of the necessary. Here is the list of my conquests:

blankets & hood towels = $30

mittens & socks = $10

california baby diaper rash cream & massage oil = $94

baby carrier = $165

Medela pump package + bottle warmer = $749

sterilizer = $59

rompers = $21

romper sets with (hanky) = $115.50

rompers & socks = $17

baby cot + latex mattress + crib set = $439

Maclaren stroller = $159

nursing bra + shorts = $96

TOTAL = $1954.50


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