Splashes of Colours

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Nice day out with hubby

One of the best days which I have hubby with me the whole day.

We slept in late and then went to shop a bit at Tiong bahru before getting the famous egg tarts and sausages at Chinatown.

This stall was featured on yahoo yesterday and I immediately find an opportunity to try it today.

It’s real good. I also think the price is reasonable. Simply love it! Definitely going back to have more next time.


We then gave my grandma a surprise by visiting her. She was excited to see me (or my bump).

The day ended with a good note at the crab place at opal crescent. The golden sand crabs we ordered were good and certainly worth a second visit!

Hoping there can be more relaxing day out with my hubby in the coming days… before the baby arrives. 🙂



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Going 8 months

Counting down to just 8 more weeks to delivery (assuming there is no surprises like baby wants to come out to the world early)… …

This is us! And the baby room, which is almost wholesome except for the baby cot which will only arrive in mid Jan.


It has been both exciting and a nerve-racking journey. I have so much on my mind, things like how to make sure we give the best to our abilities to this baby. 🙂


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31 weeks along


This was how the baby looked like when I was 29 weeks pregenant. The mouth and nose are pretty prominent now. But still, we don’t know how this little one will look like exactly until we welcome him to this world. I hope he will be cute enough. 🙂

This week will be my 31 weeks, and the one most noticeable difference is that the baby is getting stronger and moves all the time. There was one time when I was almost dozing off on bed, when he did a huge somersault that managed to rock my middle section! My first reaction was – WOW.


In order to create a beautiful room for this baby, I spent some time surfing the net for ideas and finally bought a set of DIY wall sticker online. Hubby and I started working on it at around 3.30 pm and after he left for his appointment at 5 pm, I continued until 7 pm to complete the whole project.

Yes, you can imagine, a lot of perspiration, but it is all worth it (looking how great it looks on our green wall). 🙂


I also bought a growth chart sticker from IKEA, which I pasted on the cupboard in the baby room.

More to do in this coming week. We have to tidy up the whole house before we host a few meals with our friends for year end gatherings. More updates coming soon… …