Splashes of Colours

Counting down… 4 more weeks



With less than 4 weeks to the D Day, you cannot imagine the excitement and restlessness around my family. Especially for first parents like my hubby and I, we simply can’t wait to have it happen.

Of course, we both know the baby can arrive anytime now. We have friends, who were also having their first baby, delivered on 37th week.

One thing which both of us are very curious is how does the baby look like. I hope he will be cute enough… haha. The scan image actually shows the features of the baby. Hmmm, doesn’t look too cute with the puffy eyes, but some said that’s the sign of a big-eyed baby.

At my last visit, the baby weighed 2.6 kg, which was “WOW”! 2 weeks ago, he was just 1.9kg. Looks like Taylor is not quite as small as we expected. Hubby keeps telling the baby (aka my tummy) to grow bigger, but what does he know? He’s not the one delivering a big baby. I have made my own deal with the baby, and I believe he will stop at 3kg (max 3.5 kg), and not make mummy so tired.


2 thoughts on “Counting down… 4 more weeks

  1. All the best with your delivery! 🙂 My baby was 3.5kg when he was born, which is a relief because I thought he may have been bigger (my husband is caucasian and is 6’2). Hope you get some good rest!

    • thank you! I am hoping to clear out the last bit of mess in my house before the baby arrives.

      and, your baby is super cute!! have fun~

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