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40 week already? But how does contraction feel like?

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I am as clueless as … anything.

There were numerous times when my bump felt real tight and very hard to touch, but I always thought it could be that the baby was unhappy and tense. I don’t know if those were Braxton Hicks.

As it’s now a ‘waiting game’ at 40 weeks pregnant, I keep looking out for signs of labour. Several days ago, my bowel movement was so active, I actually announced to my husband that the labour was coming. Till today, my baby has not been delivered yet.

I guess my baby was not ready then.

My EDD will be this Saturday, 15 Feb. And my husband is hoping that baby can arrive on 14 Feb as our Valentine baby. But, I can’t wait that long. I want to see my baby now. 🙂

I have no mood to do much things except to little bit of household chores, read up on how to take care and develop baby’s potential and sleep. Sometimes the fatigue can be so overwhelming. During times when I don’t feel drowsy, I crave for comments and tips posted online by other mummies. One mummy recommends to walk 4km every other day to help with a faster and smoother delivery. 4km is not joke. I can hardly even waddle to a nearby hawker centre for my meals now.

Yup, I now waddle. Husband thinks ‘lumbering’ is a better word. Either way, it’s nothing near ‘graceful’. I used to see pregnant ladies waddling down the street and commented that they should try to correct their posture and walk more ‘properly’. And, me this stupid smart-Alex is waddling down every streets now! There is NO OTHER WAY I can make movement without waddling. Sad, it is.

The main reason for waddling are the back aches and pelvic pain. I don’t know if it is the pressure or the muscle, but most of the times I found myself gritting my teeth whenever I try to move.

And maybe because I can’t sleep at night (as I sleep so much in the day), I am now still up with my computer. There is something I read online which I am so eager to share – how does contraction feel like?

After reading two pages of comments, I have a pretty good idea of how mummies describe contractions. But this particular comment sums it all up:

“Contractions feel like the worst period cramps you could imagine. Your whole body hurts. You will know when you’re in labor because it will be a pain you’ve never felt before and it will be very sudden.” – posted by chicklit55.

I used to think that I can do without epidural. But after having all the body aches for the past two weeks, I kind of chickening out now.

I once asked my doctor if the majority of the pregnant mothers use epidural for their delivery. He smiled and said that it’s difficult to answer this question and recommends me to assess my pain tolerance when I get admitted. Well, I am silly enough to ask such a question, but not stupid to read between his lines.

You know, sometimes I hope my doctor can be a more chatty person, have more talk time with me during the consultation and make me a less clueless first-time mother. If I did not go for the antenatal classes, I believe I will have a harder time. And well, my current doctor is not cheap, so in a way I am always expecting more out of any consultation session. Anyway, I am quite determined to get another doctor for my next baby.

Ciao now. You will know when I deliver, because I will post photos of my baby here. *Smile*


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