Splashes of Colours

Yup, that’s me~

Working full time (and over time too) in Singapore …
Trying to have as much fun as possible within this short lifetime …
With my dearest family and friends …
Enjoying the very goodness and happiness of living …

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2 thoughts on “Yup, that’s me~

  1. Hi Wen or is it Wen Hua? – Sorry if I’ve got it wrong, but I’m not sure what your first name is! Thanks for the smashing comment on my Lucerne post. Hope you managed to have a look at my earlier posts going back only a short time to ‘Venice’? I am always interested in the blogs, sites and photographs of other photographers and I have really enjoyed going through and reading yours (your Posterous blog too). I love seeing other places through the eyes of others. They give me a different insight and perspective, and also new ideas! I think your photographs are super and I have signed up for e-mail notification of your posts being published, so that I can watch your progress on WordPress! In your post about the guy with the DSLR who went from i-Phone camera straight to DSLR, you are absolutely right – he doesn’t seem to know how to use it. I have come across lots of people like this. DSLR cameras are highly affordable now, but people don’t seem to understand that they also need to learn the skills and techniques involved in using the camera, as well as needing a creative eye, to get the best photographs! Thanks again!
    Best wishes, John

    • Hi John,

      Yup, the whole point of getting a DSLR is to maximise the use of manual mode. 🙂

      am still going to work on taking more photos as practice.

      hv a gd weekend.

      wen hua

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