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My 1st Antenatal class

Both hubby and I want to prepare ourselves the best we can before our baby arrives. So we signed up for the antenatal class conducted by Thomson Medical.

This weekday class at AMK Hub (~2 to 2.5 hours each session) were highly recommended by mothers. And I never regretted signing up, although it was more expensive than the classes conducted by KK Hospital.

My belly is the smallest there. When I first walked into the class, others were looking at me and I could clearly hear their thoughts: “What is this lady doing here?”. And, some fellow classmates look like they are capable of going into labour anytime. I’m glad I am not too late into my pregnancy to obtain knowledge from the class, as the saying foes ‘It’s never too early’. I feel more comfortable after learning about the must-know early, so I have time to digest the knowledge and do preparation.

Some of the exercises target legs (while sitting and stretching upper body), hands, chest, neck, head, waist and shoulders. They are all very simple exercises, like bending down while standing, dancing, stretching hamstring and rocking buttock. These exercises will keep the heartbeat not more than 130 per minute and there should not bbe any perspiration.

The lecturer also shares how to have good and comfortable sleep posture, which I find more and more useful as I progress into my pregnancy.

She also shows us massages which husband can do. However, my hubby has already been massaging him frequently. And personally, I find him a better masseur, even when compared to the professionals Thai masseur.

One of the most interesting highlight was how to bond with the unborn child. The lecturer shows how we can tap gently on the belly, talking to the baby, using music etc. She of course also encourages daddy to talk to the baby. 🙂

And she also confirms one thing about the pregnant mother’s diet, i.e. she only needs to eat 350 more calories per day, definitely no need to eat for 2 “persons”. *wink*

Some of the other useful tips are:

– no ginseng 10 days before delivery and 10 days after

– first 10 days after delivery must be very light food. tonic only comes in after 10 days

– too much DOM will pass the alcohol spirit to the baby, not good for the baby

– mother during confinement month can bath (with herbal water), so that any wound will not get infected

– longan, red date drinks are good for mothers. Unlike what rumors said, they don’t cause jaundice