Splashes of Colours

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Wicked – the musicial

We were blown away by the voices and the Green concept. As I have guessed, there is more depth to Green.


‘Wishing only wounds the heart’

‘Don’t lose sight of who you are’


“If I cannot fly, let me sing.”- Stephen Sondheim


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School days … …

This is the season of school concerts, and after a band concert and a harmonica concert for the past week, another guitar performance will come soon.

Simply enjoyed the cheering and good camaraderie throughout the harmonica concert. And of course, the familiar and nostalgic repertoire of several songs.

How this old woman was so jealous of it all!

Such a blessing to have friends who cheer for you and stand up for you. To take you as an unique individual… With mentors who find every opportunity to showcase the talents of each and every students. Nobody can bear to tell them that the heartbreaking truth that such rapport will be very rare in the adults’ work place.

How this bitter old woman is going to contaminate the innocent minds.

No, nope. I am not going to do that. And have I added that the conductors (both the senior and the junior) were very charming~


My best wishes to these aspiring performers, to continue to be brave and bring out the excellence in every art.

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Elephant Parade 2011 @ Singapore

An interesting endeavour for animal conservation. I was impressed how the organiser combines art, conservation and social involvement into one meaningful cause.

Many of the exhibiting elephants were really cute and from what I can see, they have charmed many hearts.

Of all 162 elephants, I have photographed 117. Not too bad, I conquered slight more than 72%. *smile*

Here are some of the cuter ones:

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The miniatures of these art pieces are sold as souvenirs to those whose hearts cannot resist. And of course the cuter ones were snatched off, and left with those … not-so-endearing-ones on the shelves. And one of them is the ‘White Elephant’, which was kept in a dark room in Singapore Art Museum. Here is how the artist explains his masterpiece:

I dragged hubby along to most of the photo shoots. Was extremely touched when he sheltered me under his umbrella at Orchard and also wanted to buy me a miniature elephant as a Christmas gift (I have already discouraged him that I do not need to possess such cuteness and he should save that $$).

And when work has been stressful, I went to walk around the town area to let off some steam, and most of the times, the Singapore night scene took my breath away.