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Counting down… 4 more weeks


With less than 4 weeks to the D Day, you cannot imagine the excitement and restlessness around my family. Especially for first parents like my hubby and I, we simply can’t wait to have it happen.

Of course, we both know the baby can arrive anytime now. We have friends, who were also having their first baby, delivered on 37th week.

One thing which both of us are very curious is how does the baby look like. I hope he will be cute enough… haha. The scan image actually shows the features of the baby. Hmmm, doesn’t look too cute with the puffy eyes, but some said that’s the sign of a big-eyed baby.

At my last visit, the baby weighed 2.6 kg, which was “WOW”! 2 weeks ago, he was just 1.9kg. Looks like Taylor is not quite as small as we expected. Hubby keeps telling the baby (aka my tummy) to grow bigger, but what does he know? He’s not the one delivering a big baby. I have made my own deal with the baby, and I believe he will stop at 3kg (max 3.5 kg), and not make mummy so tired.


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31 weeks along


This was how the baby looked like when I was 29 weeks pregenant. The mouth and nose are pretty prominent now. But still, we don’t know how this little one will look like exactly until we welcome him to this world. I hope he will be cute enough. 🙂

This week will be my 31 weeks, and the one most noticeable difference is that the baby is getting stronger and moves all the time. There was one time when I was almost dozing off on bed, when he did a huge somersault that managed to rock my middle section! My first reaction was – WOW.


In order to create a beautiful room for this baby, I spent some time surfing the net for ideas and finally bought a set of DIY wall sticker online. Hubby and I started working on it at around 3.30 pm and after he left for his appointment at 5 pm, I continued until 7 pm to complete the whole project.

Yes, you can imagine, a lot of perspiration, but it is all worth it (looking how great it looks on our green wall). 🙂


I also bought a growth chart sticker from IKEA, which I pasted on the cupboard in the baby room.

More to do in this coming week. We have to tidy up the whole house before we host a few meals with our friends for year end gatherings. More updates coming soon… …

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7 months pregnant

7 months pregnant

7 months pregnant

This is how I look like at 7 months pregnant. Some say the bump is still smaller than average, but sometimes I feel so ‘full’ as if I can burst like a balloon anytime.

And this is the room of our baby. Yup, the green room. Neither my husband nor I am crazy in love with green, but some how this works out. The wall with the window is yellow and the ceiling is light soft blue. Adventurous eh? Now I appreciate these colours more when they are obviously gender neutral. Because at that time of painting the room, we did not dream of having a baby.

‘The room looks a bit bare now …. ‘

Yes, and I absolutely agree with you. But fret not, almost all the essentials are bought and stored in my store room now. And I have plans to make this room looks a bit more cosy with lots of personal touches.

Last weekend was well spent conquering IKEA and tidying this room for baby. All I wish now is to spend more time for this space, which baby and us will spend most of our time together. *wink*

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Baby Taylor

6.5 months pregnant

6.5 months pregnant

Dearest Baby Taylor,

So, this is how we look like when I am 6.5 months pregnant with you.

And yes, we just left with about 3.5 months more before we welcome you to our family. Daddy and I are really looking forward to meeting you. I believe you can already feel the excitement in your Daddy whenever he talks to you before we turn in for the night.

You are growing fast now, but I hope you will not be too big. I will try my best to eat nutritious food, so you can grow right. 🙂

We hope you will be a happy baby, because the family will shower you with so so much love. Daddy and I will spend a lot of time with you and try my best to make you a healthy and happy child.

As for me, I look forward to a relaxing day when we can play and have fun together.

Grow well~


with love,


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Conquests @ Baby Fair 2013


Yes, I conquered the baby fair in early October at Singapore Expo. Alone and strong.

Almost all expecting mothers were accompanied either by husband or other family members. In fact I think I might be the few lone souls around. Anyway I am glad I am only about 5 months pregnant, because if I am any heavier, I won’t be able to make it alive out.

It was really crowded. Seas of people was alright, but it seemed a bit dangerous to pregnant ladies when the walking lanes were so not wide enough, and many adults pushed prams and even wheel chairs around. Don’t ask me why they did such inconsiderate thing, but if you asked them, they would most likely say the baby or the elderly parent/parent-in-law needed to be pushed around. I shall not say more, otherwise people will start posting hate comments on my blog. However there were also quite a few parents who carried their babies around. If it were me, I definitely won’t bring my baby to a crowded place.

Anyway, the expo was a good place for me to start to know what kind of products are needed for the baby. I did not manage to buy everything, of course, but still got majority of the necessary. Here is the list of my conquests:

blankets & hood towels = $30

mittens & socks = $10

california baby diaper rash cream & massage oil = $94

baby carrier = $165

Medela pump package + bottle warmer = $749

sterilizer = $59

rompers = $21

romper sets with (hanky) = $115.50

rompers & socks = $17

baby cot + latex mattress + crib set = $439

Maclaren stroller = $159

nursing bra + shorts = $96

TOTAL = $1954.50

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Antenatal class – child care



It was our last and most hands-on session at AMK Hub. This session was on…… child care (but actually more focused on newborn/infant care).

I can already imagine my shaking hands if I’m handling the baby. Not just to carry it around, but bathing it. 🙂

I’m sure the first time will have its scary moments, however both of us are confident that we are capable of giving an enjoyable bath for our baby. Haha.

Seriously, can’t wait for the baby arrive. We are already brimming with excitement!