Splashes of Colours

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Fashion Photography

Enrolled in one of Creative Live classes. Topic was Fashion Photography by Matthew Jordon Smith. Though this is only the 2nd class I viewed, I know Matthew is a very good teacher. In fact, he has broken down the various aspect of this high-profile career into manageable portion of knowledge for us.

I am not even near the league of professional photographers, however alot of what he had shared was immensely useful. Some of the key learning points:

1) Language of Opposite (to place two images, side by side)

2) Black and white is timeless

3) less is more

It is crucial for a photographer to find their unique point of view. Sadly, I am still in the process of achieving that. Matthew strongly recommended us to write our goals in black and white, and read it everyday. … I think that might be really useful. Will try to do that myself~