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One Hour @ Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery

I never knew where is this place till everyday’s headlines spell its name. For once, you see the good in a diminishing heritage – when people mourn it, others know it.

very quiet place. saw a female jogger and some other roaming around like me … basically trying to soak up a bit of its essence before it vanishes.

A lot of work from the researchers and volunteers was done to preserve as much of the information as possible.

Obviously, some of the tombs here are very loved and cherished by the families. So blessed.. I wouldn’t even dare to expect much from my descendents to remember me …



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Kranji Heritage Trail

Complimentary guided tours were made possible with the generosity of an organisation. I got a ticket for myself, because I found the heritage in this area fascinating. It is called the Kranji Heritage Trail.

Frankly, my youth group is working on a partnership with another school to make Kolam Ayer Heritage Trail possible. So I think it won’t hurt if I expose myself to more similar activities.

Our first stop is the Kranji War Memorial. The group was blessed with fine weather, so the photos were quite ok. This is a state land and former President Inche Yusuf bin Ishak and Benjamin Henry Sheares were buried in this cemetery too.

Burial ground of former president Benjamin Henry Sheares in the background

Second stop was the Hay Dairies Farm. It was a little disappointing that AVA has prohibited public interactions with the baby goats. The kids in my group were utterly desolated upon hearing the announcement.

Last stop, Bollywood. The kueh and fig drinks were marvelous. However, the purpose of this trail was supposed to be heritage, but it appeared to have diverted to the countryside farms. There were some other places which have more historical value, but were not included. I do understand that time is tight, but seriously the farm tours can be replaced, because farm tours were being organised frequently already.