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My Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

I don’t know what I don’t know.

That was why I paid to attend a post-grad diploma in HR, hoping to gain more knowledge and know more friends. In Dec 2013, I got my certificate, walking away with more knowledge and reuniting with a primary school friend (such a fate to meet her in the same class).

Anyway, the classes were held almost every weekend (and by weekend, it consists of Friday evening, whole of Saturday and Sunday). I remember dragging my feet to class every time, and yes I was a lazy student. The work was hectic too, trying to squeeze in time for assignments during work week. Well, it was now all over, not without the ardent support of my husband, who lent a listening ear every time I needed one.

So now, hoping this newly acquired qualification will help me in my professional life soon. 🙂


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Everything resolves around HR



Totally loving it. HR and non-HR practitioners should subscribe to this blog. The practical information provided is a real gem~