Splashes of Colours

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G’s birthday celebration 2013

I have chosen another staycation at Wangz hotel. Here are more photos of our activities on that weekend.

Brunch at Epicurious cafe at Robertson Quay:


Dinner at Amara Hotel Italian restaurant. It was really good, we both loved the food!!




A drink at the rooftop bar of the hotel:




The birthday cake (from a recommended pastry) for my birthday dearest:




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Corrinne May

One of Hubby’s colleagues gave us two tickets to Corrine May’s concert at Garden by the Bay some time back. It was held over the open field, and of course free seating. My first experience of such concert. Although the weather was humid and hot, everyone was in good mood.

Her songs are good. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Many of them are said to be Christian songs, but they sound so good that I find myself loving the melody and the meaningful lyrics.




If only the Singapore flag was facing us the right way … it would have been a great picture.


loved the fact that the sides of the walk way were planted with orchids … lovely .. and I know, very expensive. *smile*

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Birthday … not mine … 2 years ago

It was another staycation for us, to celebrate G’s birthday. I chose 1929, being a boutique hotel, I looked forward to be enchanted by its charm. Well, but both of us ended up having only average review for the hotel.

I booked the room with an outdoor bathtub, because it did sound real cool to me. Although the alfresco was a good addition to the room, the water that went to the tub was cold, and we could not figure out how to turn on the warm water. The property was a rather low building, so we decided we could not really have a real bath in the open air (seemed to me that people around the neighbourhood could check out our bath tub from afar).

Our alfresco bath tub…


The area around the hotel was pretty amazing too. That created part of its charm – the Telok Ayer area. Here are some photos.





G and his birthday cake …



We explored the Garden by the Bay (more photos in another post) and embarked on the DUKW tour. Looking at these photos brought back so much loving memories. 🙂





Always love exploring Singapore with my precious G. 🙂


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Nice day out with hubby

One of the best days which I have hubby with me the whole day.

We slept in late and then went to shop a bit at Tiong bahru before getting the famous egg tarts and sausages at Chinatown.

This stall was featured on yahoo yesterday and I immediately find an opportunity to try it today.

It’s real good. I also think the price is reasonable. Simply love it! Definitely going back to have more next time.


We then gave my grandma a surprise by visiting her. She was excited to see me (or my bump).

The day ended with a good note at the crab place at opal crescent. The golden sand crabs we ordered were good and certainly worth a second visit!

Hoping there can be more relaxing day out with my hubby in the coming days… before the baby arrives. 🙂


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Sam Martin


Sam Martin shared about Manspace on TED.

Whether it is ‘MANspace’, ‘WOMANspace’, or ‘PERSONspace’, the idea of having a space to oneself is always something I believe quite a few of us will desire.

The space can be small, but we all know it will not be boring (definitely not to the owner).

In fact, I think it’s healthy to have such a space. Don’t the children always show this natural desire when they build their own tent/hut/treehouse etc in the house?

Sadly, not everyone has the luxury of space, especially in a land-scare place like Singapore. Nonetheless, every effort is worth it. I will definitely encourage this in our house. 🙂

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Chilling @ home


Some of the happiest moments are tiny but precious.

I really hope more of our Sundays can be like today. Weather is cooling (Singapore weather can be so humid and hot that it causes constant headaches), husband is right beside me and I am going to take a short nap before clearing some household chores at my own pace.

Moments like this are sweet.